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Lee Jun Ki Daily's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lee Jun Ki Daily

o1. Your post must contain at least one picture.

o2. The pictures must have Junki in it. Pictures where Junki are with other people is ok too.

o3. If you want to do an introduction post, that's fine but you must include at least one picture.

o4. When posting large pictures use a lj-cut.

o5. When posting more than 1 picture put the rest behind a lj-cut.

o6. Do not post the pics as links. Do not direct people to other places to view (ie site galleries, "fake cuts" to your lj, etc). Just post the pictures in the community in your post. Use of thumbnails are ok.

o7. Only unaltered pictures please. Do not include photoshopped pics, news, graphics, icons, etc. If you want to post those things then do them at leejunki

o8. Crediting for pictures is not necessary. No one will remember where they got every picture so credit if you want; don't sweat it if you don't remember where you got the pics.

o9. Absolutely no advertising or selling.

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Asian Pop Addict [July, 29,2009 @ 10:18pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone,

I hope you don't mind i messaged you, so sorry ahead of time if this sounds long-winded. =)

Basically i want to promote a new website/podcast show that i myself and some others are participating in. I don't wanna sound like spam or some cheap advertising community harangue, but what's important is that i think it's something people, especially fangirls, might like and i honestly would like feedback from Asian pop fangirls like you.
Basically it's Asian Pop Addict, and it's a weekly 2 hour podcast radio show posted on an official site and we talk about the latest in j-pop and k-pop news, gossip, and other things of the like (uncensored), and in between we play music from both genres. So far the response on other communities and iTunes have been great, especially from the Tohoshinki/DBSK communities and fans, and the reason i decided to reach out to you is to help spread the love to other fandoms to even out the fandom love. We tend to rant about KAT-TUN, Big Bang, DBSK, Arashi--you name it. So even if you don't follow a certain fandom, you'll learn about another, in an honest and fun fashion---we're pretty loose and laidback lol. Anyway, please feel free to listen and check out the show and what we are about beforehand at:


We are only 3 shows in and want to spread the love, so please let me know how you like it and if you do, please feel free to promote us however you like. In turn, we'll add you to our affiliates on the site & send you an on-air shoutout. An LJ community is in the works. Anyway, i hope i didn't bother you too much. Thank you!

(Sorry about not posting a picture of Lee Jun Ki. I was trying to find a good one of him on Family Outing which he was hilarious in...Good night!)


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~+~ [January, 28,2008 @ 3:54pm]

Randomly found these..

black&whiteCollapse )
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[September, 06,2007 @ 12:17pm]

Seems like everytime we see Junki he has a new do...ah well. On with the lovelies!

I'm an emo kid, non-conforming as can be...Collapse )
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Cosmo Magazine scans [August, 21,2007 @ 11:31pm]

I don't quite get the meaning of smoke in the eyes but he sure looks sexy in those pictures.

*_____*Collapse )
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Just a random Junki picture that i found cute ;) [July, 02,2007 @ 1:06pm]



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06/16/07 10th Shanghai International Film Festival [June, 16,2007 @ 10:52am]

some pics of his most recent event...

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070608 Jun Ki's photo message [June, 09,2007 @ 8:40pm]

[ mood | okay ]

bored witless...here's some goodies

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Thailand Fanmeet 070608 [June, 08,2007 @ 8:25pm]

[ mood | drained ]

i may be drained but all these shinies can make everyone happy =)...

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Jun Ki in Thailand...=^__^= [June, 07,2007 @ 10:46am]

[ mood | chipper ]

thought i'd make a post just to try, haha. love the black and white...*drool*...

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*randomness* [May, 09,2007 @ 5:17pm]

[ mood | *meh* ]

JunKi... adorable as always...

but wait, there's more...Collapse )

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[April, 03,2007 @ 5:43pm]

Community News:
Just wanted to let you guys know we have a real layout now made by kumiko_gackt =]

Junki Pics:
I decided to do a King and the Clown + Fan theme

Fan made lunchbox:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

King and the Clown related picsCollapse )
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[March, 15,2007 @ 9:26am]

i bring you some pics of junki's fanmeeting in osaka ^___^

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QUESTION: Lee Jun Ki in Anystar [March, 06,2007 @ 9:24pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

hi guys, i just want to ask if Jun Ki's the one who did the rap part in Lee Hyori's Anystar?

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The love of our life [March, 02,2007 @ 2:39pm]


not sure if chingus have seen this. i'll bleed for him, i say ^______^v

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seen this? [February, 28,2007 @ 1:54pm]


seen this gorgeous guy in specks before?



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[February, 27,2007 @ 1:47pm]

And because i am so in love with him,

3 cheers for junki. ♥♥♥... ^_~

credit mydaily.co.kr

junki with the cutie sweety smile of his. teh heh...

-edited- now its easier for everybody. ^___^

credit to mydaily.co.kr.
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Welcome! [February, 25,2007 @ 1:58pm]

Hello everyone, this is your maintainer, Chung.

I would just like to announce that I finally got off my lazy butt and fixed the user info up so now I'm proud to say that junki_daily is now officially open!

Thank you for joining and you may begin to post now :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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