gaebe (gaebe) wrote in junki_daily,

Cosmo Magazine scans

I don't quite get the meaning of smoke in the eyes but he sure looks sexy in those pictures.

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  • 8 comments comprende.
But it doesn't matter what it means for obvious reasons.
I cannot see anything where the pics are supposed to be, and I have a feeling my modem does not like your server... >_>;;

But I have seen pics from the Cosmo mag at LJKS, so I think I know what I am missing. XD

Thanks for sharing^^
........ Yet I uploaded on my lj gallery. =___= Weird server.
...and now it works... :P

I am not sure what the deal was, but I just know my modem likes to cause all sorts of trouble for me... I need to look into getting a new ISP... *sigh*
Oh woaah.. thanks for sharing!
His skin was way better before U_U He should quit smoking U_U
its fucking HOT